History and Values

Our history: Coimpreso and Coimpack

The company began operations in September 1993 starting with a great team, which permitted a healthy, stable company that always cares for its employees, community and customers.

Today, Coimpreso continues to offer the best quality products and services to our customers in the market.

Coimpack was born in 2016 as a division focused directly on packaging, cardboard folding and micro corrugated products. Coimpack’s purpose is to offer the best designs, ideas and quality production, enhancing our customers product for an increase in sales.


Be the best company in printing and packaging solutions, both for our customers and our employees, by always achieving a constant improvement in our community.


Be permanent allies of our clients, employees and community, by making our products and services an indicator of who we really are.

Goal 2020

Consolidate ourselves nationally and internationally as one of the leading printing companies, offering innovation and quality to our clients.


  • Honesty: Our honesty, sensitivity, simplicity, solidarity and prestige, convey confidence and security.
  • Responsibility: it is the duty that commits our workers to fulfill their functions and with the objectives and goals of COimpreso.
  • Integrity: Integral, sincere, trustworthy, open-minded workers, capable of recognizing mistakes and accepting compliments.
  • Loyalty: Maintenance of the good image and cleaning of the company and in the correct use, handling and care of its goods and equipment.
  • Quality: Always exceed the expectations of our customers.
  • Teamwork: Work cooperatively fulfilling our commitments and helping others, in a creative, innovative environment, with open transparency and communication among all.
  • Positive attitude: Personal disposition aimed at achieving success.